Lady Gaga a few days before the Prime Minister announced that the music video for her new single "What U Want" FT. r. Kelly is already approaching, but we have seen the clip. Gaga is immediately after the speeches with r. Kelly on the show SNL, where, according to American media have "shocking performance", she heard that her new video will be shocking, it will be different from its previous clips, and that we have to prepare.

Social networking site VEVO/Youtube to announce the premiere of the movie two weeks ago, but has not yet been launched, or teaser. Lady Gaga on Twitter for a delay excused herself and everything was explained by the fact that in the video, which was directed by Terry Richardson (Wrecking Ball) is still working, because he wants to be perfect. According to the gossip that appeared on the Internet today, but for the delay the premiere of the video clip may be Gaga with her label, Interscope Records. The source revealed that seems to label the clip "lewd" and includes explicit footage. The Internet also has unconfirmed report that Interscope after five years of Lady Gaga kicked out, but none of the information has not yet been confirmed. Gaga is, however, a few days heard from fans, and even on social networks. Not so long ago, as the Internet spread the info, that Lady Gaga has ceased cooperation with his longtime manager, Troy Carter. Then came another shock in the form of a total low sales of the new album ARTPOP ... What is really going on and what will follow the fans of the first one.

Today we have seen nor charged "package" from BitTorrent, who promised an exclusive behind the scenes footage from the filming of the movie and interviews both with Gaga, with r. Kelly and the creators of the clip. The package was supposed to be released in early December.

The single "What U Want" in the USA began to slowly grow-hranost in his radio every day and grows on iTunes is now the # 14, also thanks to its appearance in The Voice, where Gaga is single she performed together with Christina Aguilera. The release of the movie would certainly help improve the single location in the singles charts. We'll see how everything goes, you only have two months have passed since the release of the single, and after Christmas he wants Gaga reportedly issued a third single from the album ARTPOP ...

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